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Minimizing investment losses during property division

Once a marriage falls apart, couples have to make important decisions about the division of assets and debts that they have accumulated during their marriage. In Tennessee, an equitable division state, divorcing spouses are each entitled to a share of the marital estate. But, equitable division does not necessarily mean an equal split of the assets.

In addition to physical property such as a house and motor vehicles, couples typically make investments during marriage, and these are also part of the asset division process. A couple entering divorce should consider three main points when contemplating the process of dividing investments.

Doctor loses license for non-payment of child support

Children are often the worst affected in a divorce. The emotional turbulence hits them hard and and parents should always try to keep the best interests of the child in mind and try to avoid difficult custody disputes. Every child needs financial support for everyday needs like food, clothes and medical care Therefore, Montgomery, Tennessee, residents would agree that the child support system is essential for the healthy upbringing of the child.

Child support delinquency is, nonetheless, an ugly reality. Recently, a doctor in Oklahoma landed in deep trouble for not paying child support. A judge ordered that his license be revoked for owing $20,000 in payment. The Oklahoma medical board said that the move may be costly to the doctor's career. All the hospitals have been notified and he cannot practice medicine. The board also said that the doctor will get back his license only after he agrees to make the payment.

Singer's wife files for divorce in Tennessee; seeks child custody

In the aftermath of a divorce, one of the major issues that any separating couple in Clarksville, Tennessee, or anywhere else in the country, argues about is the custody of the children. Similarly, disputes over child custody may also exist between unmarried couples. In such cases, courts play a crucial role in deciding on the type of parenting plan that will be in the best interests of the child.

Country music fans in Tennessee will be interested to learn that country music singer Trace Adkin's wife, Rhonda Adkins, recently filed for divorce in a Tennessee court near Nashville, citing irreconcilable differences. In addition to legal fees and alimony, Rhonda is also seeking primary custody of their three daughters. The daughters, who are between ages nine and 16 years, are living in the couple's home in Brentwood, Tennessee with their mother since the separation.

Father gains sole child custody after three-year dispute

Many Tennessee residents probably remember a time when courts routinely treated men unfairly when it came to some family matters. The practice stemmed from the general legal establishment's belief in the tender years' doctrine that believed the best interests of a child were better served the mother. However, that is no longer the case and fathers' rights have evolved and gained acceptance in courts in Tennessee and the rest of the United States.

As one sign of changing times, a few months back a 26-year-old father from another state was awarded primary custody of his three-year-old son following a long child-custody dispute with his former girlfriend and the couple that had adopted his child.

Managing personal finances before property division begins

Although most people who enter marriage here in Tennessee imagine theirs will withstand the test of time, the truth is that many of them fall apart despite the best efforts of one or both spouses to keep them alive. One major issue that both parties must then deal with, especially if they have been together many years, is asset division.

Anyone on the edge of divorce should remember that they will be living with the results of their financial decisions for years, so planning ahead is critical.

Service members' husbands lack support; divorce rates rise

People of Montgomery, Tennessee should be aware of the numerous compromises that members of the United States military make in order to ensure the safety of the country. In many cases, while the service members are able protect the country from danger, they are unable to save their marriage from falling apart.

In recent years, military divorce rates among female service members is almost three times their male counterparts. This is a significant number, considering that 15 percent of the U.S. military's active deployment force is comprised of women. The percentage is expected to increase to 25 percent within the next decade.

Tennessee Foster Parents of the Year 2013 announced

There are many children of various ages in Montgomery and other places in Tennessee who are involved in a child custody dispute among two parents. In one way, these children are lucky because they at least have both parents who love and care for them. There are however many children who are abandoned by their parents or are put up for adoption for various reasons. Many of these children find a home due to the care and affection displayed by foster parents across the state.

Recently, a couple from Kingsport, Tennessee, was selected as the winner of the award for the 2013 Foster Parents of the Year. Although they do not have full-fledged child custody of the two siblings, a brother and a sister, living with them, they have gone to all possible lengths to prove that they are able to be legal guardians of the children.

Mother claims child support through paternity lawsuit

Many parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, understand the importance of the money received as support from a non-custodial parent of a child. As a result, child support claims are common in court houses across the state at any given time.

In a recent lawsuit filed in South Dakota, a mother of a 16-month-old child is seeking child support from the alleged biological father who was also a superintendent at the high school from which the woman graduated. According to the lawsuit, the woman conceived after getting involved in an intimate relationship with the alleged father after she graduated from high school.

Billionaire allowed to keep business assets in divorce settlement

Many Tennessee residents might expect property division during divorce to be especially complicated for owners of businesses. This is particularly true because assessing the value of business assets can become complicated. As a result, many separating spouses comingle personal and business assets to make the distinction between marital and nonmarital properties impossible to distinguish.

Recently, an Oklahoma district court ruled that the 122 million shares of Continental Resources owned by billionaire Harold Hamm, will not be considered marital property and therefore not subject to asset division. However, another 4 million shares are not protected by the judge's order and could be split with Hamm's wife.

Couple from Tennessee challenge overturned adoption

There are a large number of adoptive couples in Tennessee who have opened the doors of their homes to accommodate children who were put up for adoption. In many such adoption cases, the adoptive parents have sole custody of the child and the child's biological parents have no contact with the child because they are either unable or unfit to provide for the child's needs.

However, there are several cases where adoptive parents and biological parents have been engaged in legal fights over child custody because of a sudden turn of events in their lives.

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